Thursday, December 30, 2010

Better than coffee!

I usually begin my day with a hot cup of tea.  I turn the burner on under my tea kettle while I pour my girls a bowl of cereal.  It's screams at me just as my butt hits the chair after a morning of scurrying around.  (It's 7:30)
My current rotation is Earl Gray and Constant Comment.  They're stored in a tin canister, exactly like my Grandma's.  I grab for a tea bag, without looking, so my morning starts with a pleasant surprise.  Occasionally, I'll accidentally grab a green tea bag, which I always scoff at and throw back in the tin.
I wait for the tea to steep...sometimes I even get the tea bag out of the water before it turns bitter!  Add half and half and a teaspoon of sugar, and you've got happiness in a cup!  (My best friend is cool enough to enjoy it without sugar.)
My mug of choice is a BEAUTIFUL mug made by Jessy Johanneck. While shopping for Christmas presents for my dear hubby and Mother, I spot this beauty on the shelf.  It was the first thing I saw.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but it's got an earthy vanilla bean glaze and great form.  Just like my Grandma, I'm picky about the cups I drink my morning brew from.  So I wrapped my mug up, placed it under the tree, and acted surprised when I opened it.  I thanked Luke and praised him for knowing my style so well.  He nodded.  (Here's to Christmas shopping for yourself!!)
If you have a tea routine, won't you share it with me?  I'd love to hear!


  1. I don't bother with one of them wimpy cups. I grab the giant mug that I get from the hospital every time I have a baby, fill that puppy up with steaming hot teapot water (that can't boil fast enough!) and then drop in two tea bags (peppermint tea or Good Earth Sweet & Spicy, so I don't have to add any sugar or anything else..ain't got time) and then I squeeeeeeze the tea bags out after about 2 minutes and gulp it down. Yes. I realize it's not a very relaxing routine but I NEED my tea and this helps to get it administered much faster and in much larger quantities. ;)